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  • It is easier in Canada, you don’t have the stupid per country waitlist/lottery, the timelines are much shorter, it is more straightforward to turn a study permit into a work permit, that isn’t tied to a specific employer.

    There is a qualification floor that changes every year, which can be a challenge for many to meet before their permit expires. Still, it is a process that provides for more certainty rather than all up to chance.

    Specific provincial programs can advance your application higher towards the qualification bracket.

    That said, even without as much bureaucratic nonsense, making ends meet in Canada is difficult because of high cost of living and lower wages than US which is why the States is appealing. In return you get a stable existence, such as not having to worry about a single medical condition ruining your life and finances.

    A good video I watched on the topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRhZdmtw3Wg