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  • As land becomes more valuable it is important that people use it more productively.

    How would people be able to do that when they have a normal workplace? This sounds like having to work additional hours to be able to keep my home.

    Land value tax encourages building denser and reduces urban sprawl.

    Sorry but you sound like someone who wants to force people into panel housing, and I don’t want to participate in that.

    Many people rent housing.

    People who rent are damn close to being slaves. They don’t have existential safety. Their housing can be taken away by yet another party by any semi-arbitrary reason, and all their belongings are lost because where they put them?

    Sorry but I can’t get behind any kind of land value tax idea. Not at least until it only applies to those having 2+ or such amount of properties, maybe further restricted related to family structure.

  • it’s as simple as changing your useragent and

    Good luck getting the average user to bother with that. But oh wait, the average user would not turn off javascript either, because dealing with that all day is very bothersome. How do I know? Been driving umatrix in whitelisting mode for years. I’ve got used to it, but every time someone sees that I need to reload sites multiple times to unbreak them they are visibly and audibly disgusted. What’s even worse is that they connect this with the fact that I use firefox, even after I tell them this is a fucking addon, and they think Firefox is like that by default.