I’m sick and tired of the Capitalist religion and all their fanatic believers. The Western right-wing population are the most propagandized and harmful people on Earth.

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  • I agree. However, I think it is related to Capitalism and all the sociopathic corporations out there. It’s almost impossible to think that anything good will come from the Blue Church controlling even more tech. Capitalism have always used any opportunity to enslave/extort people - that continues with AI under their control.

    However, I was also disappointed when I found out how negative ‘my’ crowd were. I wanted to create an open source lowend AGI to secure poor people a descent life without being attacked by Capitalism every day/hour/second, create abundance, communities, production and and in general help build a social sub society in the midst of the insane blue church and their propagandized believers.

    It is perfectly doable to fight the Capitalist religion with homegrown AI based on what we know and have today. But nobody can do it alone, and if there’s no-one willing to fight the f*ckers with AI, then it takes time…

    I definitely intend to build a revolution-AGI to kill off the Capitalist religion and save exploited poor people. No matter what happens, there will be at least one AGI that are trained on revolution, anti-capitalism and building something much better than this effing blue nightmare. The worlds first aggressive ‘Commie-bot’ ha! 😍

  • Amazing. I’ve been ‘staring’ at the sys rq key for 20 years with Linux and many years before with Win/Dos, and never really knew how it worked, for what, or if it was still used for anything - even then.

    Apparently (from light search) sysreq was mostly used in the old days to halt current job and enter a systems menu.

    Anyway, thanks for fixing a long-standing knowledge gap :-)

  • ‘Similarly, during democratic elections, Google employed whitelists for sites that should be shown (or demoted) for election-related information’

    I’m sure they only use that little ‘non-fascistic’ feature for home use and not all over the world, yeah.

    China, Russia, Iran etc seem to know what they are doing, and why. All people in the western world need to apply a Chinese firewall and block these US state/profit controlled corporations.