An invincible wolf man, who is like a wolf in every regard save for the fact that he can fly.

(Note: This might be misinformation)

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  • This reminds me of every time I see a post (it’s always on Facebook for some reason) about the Cheddar Man and his living descendent, who was clearly used to help determine what the face of the Cheddar Man model/figure should look like. But without fail, there are thousands of comments going, “Oh, wow! He looks exactly like the Cheddar Man! I can see it! These men could be twins!”

    We’re one step away from asking if the bones were really made from cheddar.

  • I hope it’s multiple biomes per planet, or some other much needed terrain generational/exploratory update. I miss the terrain gen from Pathfinder. If we could get that with the assets the game uses now, I’d be pleased. Better if this could be implemented to only affect unexplored planets, so nobodies bases would be ruined.

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    My wife called me two days ago saying “GUESS WHAT’S FUCKING BEHIND ME!”. She was nearly home, and told me to run to the front window and look down the street toward the intersecting road. She turned onto our street, and moments later that stupid piece of shit went zooming by on the main road. I couldn’t believe it. It was even dumber in person. I was so delighted she helped make that sighting happen, though.

  • I grew up in America and have lived in Canada for seven years now. I’ve come to recognize that Canadians (except for the staunch conservatives who aren’t pleased with anything) are proud and loyal to Canada because it’s a beautiful country that has (for the most part) taken pretty good care of its people. Americans are proud and loyal mostly because they were brainwashed throughout their lives by pledges, patriotic songs, and tall tales about the founding fathers. I personally found little to be proud of in my thirty years as an American.

    Also, one time a pair of planes took down some skyscrapers. Alan Jackson wrote a song about it, and America invaded an unrelated country. That made people really proud too.

  • It’s definitely beneficial to interact with and include your toddlers as much as you possibly can, even if they aren’t contributing much. It will accelerate their motor skills and help their speech to explode before many of their peers. My wife and I can often tell when children aren’t interacted with by their parents, either through lack of communication or by being raised by a fucking tablet instead. There are exceptions to this of course (like autism), but it’s very sad to see how many children between the ages of 2 and 5 are trailing so far behind the others due to uninvolved and disengaged parents.

    My daughter has a lot of kids in her pre-school that are the same age as her, and they have an extemely simple and broken vocabulary. Their parents come to pick them up and don’t engage with them whatsoever. Just quietly stick them in a car and usually hand them a device.

    I suppose that’s the unfortunate different between people who wanted kid and people who simply had kids.

  • I love to see the dumb villager archetype alive and well.

    “Me fink I knows wot it was, m’lord, and me likes to ‘ave a go at it… Roight… So at first me fought it the chickens got their feathers in the sky, like… Too many chickens peckin’ about and insultatin’ the air like as makes me pillow warm, see… But den we gets to to really finkin’, and I looks to me mate, see… And I says to me mate… It it’s not the chickens up flyin’ about, and it’s not the work a wizards, like… Wot if it’s all the junk like wot they’ve been puttin’ up in the sky, like? Dat’s wot it is, m’lord… The sky treasures.”