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  • that’s awesome man! My girlfriend bought my son a leopard gecko back in 2018 and so that means I’ve been taking care of it ever since. Even started breeding dubia roaches for it (or whatever they’re called) back in 2020. All natural ecosystem with Rollie pollies and all that good stuff. Damn lizard barely ever comes out of its cave though but it’s always let us hold it and has never amputated its tail

  • I was never part of any of those controversial subs like fat people hate or watch people die.

    I never went to /all/ either.

    Just stuck to regular subs like news, fitness, some niche hobbies etc. If anything, the niche hobby subs got better since there was more people. Fitness did get overly moderated but I just moved to fitness over 30 sub instead and it was fine.

    Some of the bigger subs became shit shows, but they were kind of like since their inception.

    Firing Victoria was annoying since I think she did good AMA. Getting rid of third party apps is the biggest shittiest thing that I experienced which is why I came to Lemmy in the first place.