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  • Not the other poster but a Canadian too. It varies. To see my GP I can get an appointment within the week, usually same day, though most people here need to wait a couple weeks. Then there GP refers me to specialists, that’s usually between 1-6 months wait.

    Emergency yeah you are usually looking at 4 hours wait absolute minimum. Though you don’t get charged for it at least. Though I guess it depends on severity, they will prioritize by how serious it is not by first arrival.

    The other thing the other poster didn’t mention is that medication is not covered so you have to pay full for that unless you have insurance. Also for some reason dental isn’t covered at all without insurance (or I think recently for low income families but I’m not 100% sure if that’s implemented yet or not)

  • I think what they are saying is: Lemmy itself has an option you set on your profile that shows or hides read posts. That’ll apply forever no matter which client you use, but you can’t even see your own posts that way so it’s frustrating.

    Then the clients themselves, like sync, might have their own option to hide read that works independently of the Lemmy setting, in which case they should have more control over it.

    In my case I have Lemmy set to show read posts but sync set to hide them but like other people have said, it doesn’t seem to work perfectly.

  • I liked it quite a bit for the first three quarters or so but I felt the end was a huge info dump. Normally he manages the world building in a way where it’s not a huge leap to understand what had happened but in this case there were multiple layers of the narrator saying “oh, you’re confused?! Of course you are! Here’s an info dump about the cosmere”.

    I’ve read everything cosmere, but I’m not very happy with the more recent books that expect cosmere knowledge to make the story enjoyable or even understandable. And I feel like he’s getting pretty lazy with that lately (though maybe the secret projects not having a third party editor has something to do with it in this case)