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  • Melatonin helps me sleep the first four or so hours, then Zyrtec helps with the last four. You can take the Zyrtec any time since it’s a 24 hrs pill, but I try to take mine around bedtime. They don’t make me groggy or anything during the day, and they even help with mosquito bites!

    Edit: Also Costco sells a year’s supply for the cost everyone else sells a month’s worth.

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    The first question I proposed to Copilot was simply, “what new hit product can McDonald’s bring to market today?” The response was potentially more shocking than this one since I spec’d insect-derived proteins in the one I posted. The response was some sort of maximum vegan abomination McVegan with “cheese” or something. I’ve enjoyed some vegan patties before, but I draw the line at fake foods like vegan cheese. Also seemed dubious this new product heavily characterized as vegan even in the naming would be a hit product in America. I’d probably try one but I’m pretty open-minded.

    I suspect the nationalities of the programmers at Microsoft might have a lot to do with all this vegan and insect protein business. When I worked there at the main Redmond campus, the programmers seemed to be about 40% Chinese, 40% Indian, 19% white, 1% other. These were almost entirely immigrants with many from rich families that were able to arrange dual nationalities for their kids. Not a criticism mind you – just an observation. Hate the game not the player.

  • Oh I agree. I’m a big Texas BBQ loving guy, but I can see the writing on the wall. I just got a big kick out of the naming and the “cricket chunks” as being marketable to anyone remotely American. I believe they’re already slipping cricket protein into products under a pseudonym like they did with cochineal.

    As a species, we are going to have to feed ourselves more sustainably, or seriously reduce the population. I suspect our benevolent leaders are already working on a version the second option – reduce the population of everyone else.