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  • I’ve been using it for years at this point, and I really prefer it to google. For most of my common/easy searches, it gets what I want pretty reliably. Occasionally I’ll have more obscure searches where I do have to switch back to Google, but honestly Google feels less and less helpful for that as time goes on. To add, DDG has bangs which are just wonderfully handy. Turning your search into a google search is as simple as adding “!g” to your query, and it’ll redirect the search. There are tons of other ones too, it’s a really nice feature that makes DDG more convenient in a lot of cases. Very much worth trying out at least

  • It’s not that I don’t want it to change, it’s that I’m exceedingly doubtful it’ll happen in a single election via a third party unless we get a knight in shining armor that sweeps the voters off their feet. Of the two parties we currently really have a choice between, the Dems are the only one that have a chance of improving the situation, as the republicans are purely regressive. So my hope and what I think is more realistically possible is that they can be a stepping stone towards improving the system in the long run. But if we do get the knight in shining armor that has an actual chance, they’ll get my vote

  • Not really, because unless you can convince a majority of Americans to vote third party, which is unbelievably unlikely, then Biden or Trump are the options. On top of that, when you start pulling left wing votes away from Biden, it makes it easier for Trump to win unless you hit the point of majority support, which is again incredibly unlikely. I wish that weren’t the reality, but that’s how it is currently, and I hella do not want another term of Trump as I believe that’d be genuinely ruinous.