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  • Are you appalled that after everything there are people who still support drumpf no matter what?

    If so, can you not see the parallel in reacting to any valid criticism of Biden’s chances with things like “iD vOtE fOr a LiTeRaL tUrd u LoVe TrUmP tAnKiE”?

    I genuinely thought Biden might die on stage during the debate. His follow ups have been arrogant, out of touch, and full of senior moments. We need someone capable of fighting billionaire funded christofascism, not an 81 year old invalid who’s been championing the status quo for decades.

    I plan to vote for Biden, but the odds ain’t great. Feel free to ignore the facts and call me a russian plant if it helps you sleep at night.

  • TunaCowboy@lemmy.worldtoLinux@lemmy.mlZed on Linux is out!
    7 days ago

    It is worrisome that all the smug elitists are too incompetent to just leave off the pipe and review from stdout, or redirect to a file for further analysis.

    Same people will turn around and full throat the aur screaming ‘btw’ to anyone who dares look in their direction.