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  • I run the pie with a Kingston 100Gig ssd with a usb adaptor.

    I used to be torrenting all the time and can adapt to new software and techniques easily. I also played with tech all my life from basic electronics, computers hardware and software etc… Lately I kind of don’t watch movies and have Tidal for music so I just don’t use PC’s much other than playing YouTube on my TV before bed.

  • Being interested is not my problem, the more I want to read something the harder it is to not drift in my mind and have to restart a few lines before. And after a few pages I just start to nod and fall asleep. It’s hard to describe. The worst is even if I power through a book I can’t remember it the next day. Some events might bring back part of the story in my mind but it’s never enough to even make a quote. It’s the same for movies although I dont fall asleep I can’t remember it the next day. I hate that, and it’s not like I have no memory at all I will remember stupid shit other did or where they left stuff etc but the more I need or want to remember something the more I risk forgetting.