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  • I provided the nonrepresentational if not downright faulty polling evidence in black and white

    Fixed it for you.

    You’re flat wrong


    a vast majority of voters don’t obsess over

    First they didn’t care, now they do, just not to the point of obsession? Yay, redemption arc!

    the things that keep you awake at night

    Actually, people DO tend to care about rumination and the wrong temperature in the bedroom!

    I like it cool, see, and that can be difficult in the summer…

    the people who do care enough to protest are in a significant (albeit disproportionately loud) minority

    That’s what they said about the students protesting the FIRST Apartheid regime, the ones protesting against the Vietnam war, and the ones protesting for civil rights with MLK and Malcolm X.

    Funny how the students were on the right side of history and inspired significant change in spite of the resistance of naysayers like you, who will later pretend that they were on the right side of history the whole time… Just like when your Dear Leader opposed desegregation bussing because he “didn’t want his children to grow up in a racial jungle”…

    It’s strange how difficult it is for you to accept that very simple fact.

    I understand that very simple lie just fine. What’s strange is how important it is for you to pretend that Americans don’t care about the victims of the genocide in Gaza.

    Why IS it so important to you, I wonder… Are you one of IDF’s mass murderers for hire? Maybe even one of the people in charge of the murdering? Both? 🤔

  • Voters don’t care about Gaza

    It seems very important for you to repeat that statistical error again and again. Methinks you’re a Zionist Biden apologist and just trying to checks notes make Biden look good by making the population of the United States look horrible.

    Whatever weird “last word” game you’re playing

    I’d accuse you of the same, but I’m pretty sure that repeating yourself doesn’t count 🤷

    Sorry the truth makes you uncomfortable.

    1: No, you’re obviously not the least bit sorry

    2: no matter how many cherry picked pieces of faulty data you pull out of your ass, it’s by definition not true that voters that risk their lives for a cause don’t care about that cause.

    If I’m right about you being a Zionist, you obviously value non-Israeli human lives very little, but the rest of us actually tend to find them precious enough that we generally don’t waste them if we can avoid it

    3: only thing making me uncomfortable is your seemingly total lack of regard for humans that are inconvenient to your Dear Leader and/or your favorite fascist apartheid regime 🤷