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  • I tried to run as well… Didn’t have any progressive groups around, but the state Dem party doesn’t help anyone except top of the ticket. They didn’t mind asking me to drop off flyers for their candidates though.

    I’ve also tried to organize a union 3 times in 3 different jobs, and the problem there is just everyone not wanting to do anything extra if it’s in any way work related… Even if it’s to make their lives better… But I do get that the reason for that is mostly that they’re already overworked and underpaid, so they don’t feel like they have the time or energy.

  • I think leaning into the well regulated militia part of 2A is where I would focus. In my thinking every town or district or whatever would have a local militia. Anyone could be involved whether they want to be armed or not. Basically the militia would train for all sorts of emergency situations in a very local way. It would have to be independent from the government though. Like, only in your town. Where do we meet? What resources will we have? Are there good choke points we should defend? Under what circumstances? And then of course actually training as a defensive militia. Each militia should have an armory/barracks. While the individual person would still technically own the weapon, anything other than hunting weapons would need to be kept in the armory unless the militia declared an emergency and everyone got their guns and manned their posts. Maybe even hunting weapons. Just have a system for checking your weapons out for hunting or practice. I’d be willing to make this sacrifice. And I’d feel much more secure knowing I lived somewhere with a well organized militia and not reliant on some far off government or a bunch of yahoo vigilantes.

  • If that’s true then they should, not exactly flip, but the Dems should embrace themselves as being the “this is how far RIGHT you’re allowed to go before you’re a crazy person” party… Instead of what they are now which is the same but for the left. Completely ignore maga and they’ll die out one way or another, and start working with a more serious left and whatever the far left shapes up to be. Yeah the more serious left will take some of their more progressive members, but they’ll stay competitive with the Republicans joining them… You know, until the boomers are all gone. Then we’ll be rid of both of these monstrosities, and replaced with basically whatever parties the millennials and younger generations build. Maybe even an entire election system. Sorry daydreaming there at the end.

    Gen x can come too if they want, I guess

  • The 2016 primary has nothing to do with what’s happening now (other than Clinton getting us into this whole mess with her arrogance and hubris).

    The report you linked to shows what I’m saying. You should give it a read sometime. As I did… Weeks ago… Because I do plenty of research. I’m familiar with how campaigns are run.

    You really think there’s millions of people out there on the fence between Biden and Trump? Like “I know I’m going to vote, but I just can’t decide who I like better, Trump or Biden”… or maybe you think there’s tons of people who are like “I’ll definitely vote for Biden because Trump is such a threat, but if it was someone like Bernie, no way, suddenly Trump doesn’t seem like that much of a threat.” That just doesn’t exist. The people on the fence this election are deciding whether or not to show up at all. If they show up they’ll vote against Trump, but the more they can believe in who they’re voting for the more likely they are to actually show up.

  • I think she/Biden/Dems would gain more progressives than they would lose conservatives/moderates/independents… absolutely. The types of people who vote for Clinton/Biden ALWAYS vote… And they sure as shit aren’t going to vote for Trump or even stay home. They will vote for whoever is the Dem nominee every time. Which means a progressive would also get those votes. Maybe, big maybe, some of the more conservative Dems would choose Trump over Bernie, but I highly doubt it.

    So everyone who would vote for Biden, would also vote for Bernie, but not everyone who would vote for Bernie would vote for Biden. The math isn’t that hard.

  • If you take a look at this chart from the article you sent, it sums things up pretty well. Bernie vs Clinton was just the blue. If all the liberals voted and all the progressives voted, Clinton wins. Obviously not all registered voters voted in the primary, but it still would have been pretty close. Also I won’t get into the fact that Clinton’s minions absolutely had their thumb on the scale.

    However if you recognize that pretty much all the reds always vote, and the light blues always vote, then that leaves progressives (dark blues) left to sway. Except it’s just a matter of how many you can get to show up. IF they do show up, they vote blue. The Dems have to choose between dark blue and light red. They seem to think they can peel off more red than they could ever get dark blue. But they’ve never been able to peel off more than a percent or two… Meanwhile they basically tell the much larger group of dark blues to shut up and vote for them without ever actually courting them. In the end though… The difference between an R win and a D win comes down to how many progressives actually show up. That’s it.