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  • You’re not wrong, but I have a hard time believing that someone capable of this sort of nuanced perspective wouldn’t already have seen enough evidence long ago for why a TicTac is better suited for POTUS than Trump.

    Try to remember that the DNC is just a different brand of capitalism. So, sure, the posturing is expected and a requirement to keep DNC Party Voters in line. But I don’t think the disenfranchised Bernie Bros and independent never trumpers really give a shit which skin suit of propriety the DNC is tucking for at any particular time. They can fuck themselves less than Trump, but not by much.

  • I know links are difficult, but if you just place your cursor over that underlined portion of the text and press the left button on the mouse, it will transport you to an entirely different site with relevant information that you can debate yourself over.

    Also, assuming I was a lawyer, why would I try to prove that in any meaningful way? Do you not understand the concept of IANAL? Also, no such thing as a “law license” in the US. Also also, clarifying the first three sentences of a very basic wikipedia page is hardly “advice”.

    All SCOTUS did was confirm that a precedent set before Nixon still stands. This was confirmed once again by the courts during B Clintons terms. But confirming it yet again, for the third time since being set, is suddenly an affront to justice? They basically repeated themselves a third time. Then they kicked it back for the court to determine whether or not the act was official or not. Click a fucking link. Read a fucking book.

    Or stay basic. IDGAS. You right now are no different in any way than trumpers who claim that trump’s convictions were a show trial and that no one was injured by his acts. Bury your head in the sand and pretend to be incensed. Or, don’t be afraid to have a little integrity. You’ll get downvoted for posting something unpopular, and you’ll have to deal with the occasional twat that’s too lazy to check their facts. But I suppose that’s the point of integrity. Doing the right thing with no expectation of reward. But the hubris of rubes can be its own reward. So thanks for that. 🙏

  • I think this type of thinking is just as toxic as the thinking of the ones you so quickly call “idiots”. Not only do you fail to affect the situation in any positive way, but you harden the commitment of those that fell for the grift. Furthermore, you’re blatantly wrong. I’m sure there are things you are ignorant about. I’m positive I could find things that you think that I could demonstrate to be wildly inaccurate (mostly because I work in a very niche field that very few people do). None of them would make you an idiot. It’s okay to not know something. I’m not saying you should pander to anyone, but patience is a balm. Have some.

  • Closeted socialist here. I work in an extremely remote 24/7 process industry. They play Newsmax on the TVs in the chow hall and the only time they don’t is when they are replacing tvs. EVERYONE here is a degree of an alt righter. Some were at J6. Some have “Alex Jones was right” on their thermos’. I honestly believe some would kill me if I said I’ve read Marx. Not a single one of them could accurately define a political, economic, or social system without distracting with tropes, jingoistic rhetoric, or whataboutisms. Academic education is brainwashing. Christianity is a brand-name but you don’t have to read the Bible to be a christian. I made the mistake of expressing my disappointment of Trump because of what he has said about veterans. I was mocked for believing propaganda and over time I have become known as “the liberal”. That was all it took.

    It’s frustrating, and I daily struggle with unchecked bigotry. But most people here do not wake up and choose to be racist or evil. They are doing what their wildly misled moral compass is telling them to be righteous. In their eyes, the pandering of the media that we see is absolute and total corruption to them. The media does lie, they have lied. Most of them couch it In ignorance and a whispered redaction, but that’s all it took. If they can lie about anything, then they must be lying about the unflattering things. There’s a bit of head-in-the-sand and delusion, but in their eyes the rape, the lawsuits, the theft from taxpayers, all of it is exactly what they would say if they were trying to make him look bad. That’s enough for them.

    I honestly don’t blame them. They have fallen for grifts, lies, and propaganda that goes back at least 200 years.

  • No problem at all. I know this was a very niche post loosely related to the purpose of the community, but I was hoping that others that wanted to see the list these bad actors were using could find it here. And you’re probably right, I think someone did a word search for words like “boobs” and added those to the list. I personally want to ensure that my child is learning to respect everyone so I would use this to find books that religious people find to be dangerous as a pretty decent guide. Lol, I don’t intend to be oppositionally defiant, but if a theocratic nationalist said to not read something I would absolutely read it. And as soon as I saw Maus on the list I knew it would be worth a gander.

  • No doubt. I can do that and probably should have, but I read an article about this list and any forums discussing the access to it only ever referred to one site with images as the only source. The articles occasionally indicated that the list was made public on social media but they never indicated when and where. So, more than anything, I just wanted to get the list into a copypasta format that others could use. I’m under a heavy work load at the moment, but once available I can throw a spreadsheet together with some sorting options.

  • but they will continue to come and go, regardless of our input

    I’m not quite sure you understand the problem with climate change. It’s not that “they” will come and go, it’s that WE will only go. There’s no “coming” back with any reasonable immediacy. Or were you arguing that the stones wouldn’t be there for exhibition by the jellyfish that would be the only thing left living in the oceans?

    Now, it is my opinion that when Brawndo finally pushes the climate over the tipping point and life as we know it takes its final breath, that natural selection will do what it has always done and though life will change, it will persist in some form. So were humans able to outlast this foreboding obstacle and humanity persists, then so be it, but I honestly doubt they’ll give a shit about fucking stonehenge. If there were some life lessons from the past that only stonehenge can communicate, then it has obviously failed.

  • My favorite was finding out that bit locker was enabled on a forced update. The key was saved to the Microsoft account that was used to set up the lappy. Except, I didn’t use a Microsoft account because I’m not some tech marionette lemming who needs Gates hand shoved up my ass to tell me how to use my fucking computer. So I used a local account and disabled bitlocker via bios.

    Nothing was lost, but it was still a pain in the dick hole.

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    Lol, so true. I always try to share the reach with others when I can. But after being married for about 15 years at the time, I found a bag of candy on top of the books on the bottom shelf. So I went around the house checking all the low areas and there was a veritable TROVE of sweets - everywhere. They were even in the garage that only I use. Partner was horrified that I found them and then wouldn’t say how long this had gone on for. I can only assume the entire time because I did find a few things like chocolate oranges that they only sell around the holidays. Every once in a while nowadays I see a wrapper, but the stash has been replaced and no one is talking. Mischievous.