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  • Ignoring creative liberties, it is assumed silicone based life forms would need high temps to thrive. Is quite possible that they would immediately die if exposed to human temps. Possibly these high temps would result in very fast computational skills.

    Is interesting though. The speed at which you think is not entirely related to intelligence. If you created a computer the size of the solar system, it would be far far far more intelligent than an individual human. But because information would take hours to traverse across different regions of that brain, conversations and answers to questions might be incredible slow to come. We actually already take this into consideration when designing computers. The physical length memory is from the CPU is now critical.

  • Balloons are open. Most typically do not expand but the excess air just escapes out the bottom. Basically they will rise till the overall weight matches that if what they displace.

    There are more efficient balloons that do expand and can attain same great heights. Far more than conventional aircraft even. But that expansion is mostly due to excess material in the construction and little from stretching. Thus the pressure difference is minimal while the volume increase significantly with altitude.

  • It would be done in a second if there was value to it. Especially large companies as often there are bonuses based on profits. Or do you actually think directors and CEOs would rather make less personal income?

    It is goofy that people actually think productivity would remain the same when working far less hours and believe the same number of houses (or insert any product here) would be built. Or that a pilot test would remain accurate if the people involved in it did not know it was a simple experiment. Tell me if those companies that experienced more productivity, why did they not continue to implement it?