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  • I don’t think there’s much of a difference between the two with the flip flopping and rhetoric that has been rampant since 2016

    This article from 2022 sums it up nicely


    I can dig up more direct quotes if you like, but suffice to say the GOP are all in on the Trump brand. I don’t think the difference is the nuanced argument you would like it to be. Lots of high ranking Nazis in the post war era talked about how much they hated Hitler. Fascism is a self serving ideology, they love you until they have no use for you, look at how Ben Shapiro is currently floundering for a modern example.

  • First past the post got us in this mess and it sure as shit ain’t gonna get us out of it. I’ll take a straw poll over what our current system is.

    Ranked Choice voting allows for the kind of direct democratic action as we just saw in France and what they finally got around to doing in the UK with the most recent elections.

    However, it’s against the best interest of the current politicians in power.

    How do we get Ranked Choice on ballot when the DNC won’t even use it in their primaries?