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  • Yeah it was odd to read that description being presented as an oddity - that sounds like most households I know. If you have a wife, kids, or roommate and don’t enjoy being holed up in your own room the whole time you play (and those sharing your house don’t just want to watch you game all night) then in house streaming is a huge boon.

    I PC game, but most of my gaming is done on the couch, streamed onto my phone. I’ve been very tempted to buy a dedicated streaming device lately to avoid draining my phone battery while playing

  • Right… and no generation since has ever seen the value of owning property, right? Lol.

    Are you under the impression that modern renters are choosing to rent instead of own?

    60% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck making saving for a down payment impossible for over half the country, and with rates being what they are, mortgages are expensive af.

    People are renting because it’s the only way to live, not because they think it’s neat. People are getting upset at you not because you’re pointing out that rent is a scam, but because you’re implying it’s the fault of the victims

  • bitsplease@lemmy.mltoMemes@lemmy.mlWhy? Are we not doing enough?
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    Yeah, remember the reaction when that one post got popular about lemmy being boring for anyone that wasn’t a SWE/Linux user?

    People got so pissed off, one of the top posts on lemmy that day was something to the affect of “fuck you, we’re not obligated to post things you like”. Which, yeah, you’re not - but you also can’t blame people for losing interest in your platform when you only have active discussion on one or two relatively niche topics.

    The fact is that Lemmy is garbage for discussing hobbys or interests outside of a few niche areas. On reddit my feed was filled with woodworking, 3d printing, Astronomy, and other topics that get very little traffic on lemmy.

    My lemmy feed is mostly politics, then SWE stuff, then memes