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  • There’s a lot of people saying not to pay for windows or not to use eBay or to download from Microsoft directly or to use massgrave instead but there are very few possibly no responses explaining why that’s a better option than buying from eBay.

    First things first, and I know this is gonna get some people responding with the ol’ “nuh-uh”, but there’s compromised counterfeit install media for sale. You most likely don’t know how to tell the good from the bad. The bad can also look very, very good.

    If you want to know you’re getting the good stuff straight from Microsoft, use uupdump to create an updated install media for whatever sku(version of windows) you want and use rufus to make the usb installer (you’ll need to be inside a windows vm or on your old version of windows). The reason I say use Rufus is because it gives you the opportunity to turn off some stuff like requiring a Microsoft account in the 11 install process.

    Once that’s done and installed, you can activate however you like, either with massgrave or with a key for your sku purchased from Microsoft directly.

  • Could be the donors, could be the party, could be a true believer.

    I don’t listen to his show so idk the reasoning but this is probably one of those stopped clock situations.

    They lose with Biden, if it goes instead to a brokered convention they lose. If Biden dies then there’s a good chance they win.

    Your question of who is the sticking point though. The party doesn’t care about winning, the donors are all giving to both sides anyway, only a true believer would do such a thing.

    There’s not a lot of precedent for that though. There was the congressional baseball watcher, but even then it was an ill conceived haphazard attack with little preparation.

    Pardon the pun, but democrats just don’t got any shooters.