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  • If memory serves, they:

    • allegedly were the top spending or among the top spending 2 or 3 teams for much of that run (mainly competing with McLaren and of course Ferrari).
    • after building one full-size rolling-road wind tunnel, built a second one… reportedly, to verify the results from the first one!
    • never won a race

    Toyota’s previous run in F1 was simultaneously sad and fun to watch. The rate of return for the amount of money they spent was pretty bad! I genuinely hope they do better if they decide to come back.

  • I think I’ve had this conversation with you before. Anyone who uses the “they’ll just leave” argument as a reason not to do it simply isn’t arguing in good faith.

    This is a good start, for sure, but it should not be the end at all. The wealthier people get, the more effort they put into hiding/keeping that wealth.

    Income/wealth/property/capital gains taxation is a balancing act. You want everyone paying their share; and everyone simultaneously agrees with that notion, while wanting to pay the absolute least for themselves. I would also argue that people need to see the benefits of that taxation in the form of maintained infrastructure and properly funded services. If it all just goes into the pockets of, e.g., the US military industrial complex, people will be less inclined to pay taxes at all.

  • This is what I came here for. Like you said, the rule is about how you treat others, and intentionally doesn’t account for how others treat you. As was already said, lots of religions have similar rules. They also have parallels to “lead by example,” “turn the other cheek,” “vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord,” “judge not lest ye be judged.” All of these are guidelines for community cooperation and fellowship. There will always be people who go against them, but if the overall community adheres to them it’s generally in a better position to be stable and succeed.