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  • Explain to me how what you just said is any different from a homophobic person who says “I don’t have anything against gay people I just wish they wouldn’t rub it in my face” and when seeing a gay couple kissing they say “eww that’s gross why do you have to do that in public”?

    When someone says that, it’s homophobic. What you just said is also phobic. You don’t get to dictate how other people express their sexuality just because it doesn’t align with your own sexuality. You have to learn to live in a world with other people who are not like you.

    Do better.

  • Ultimately, we’d like to incorporate as a worker-owned cooperative.

    Since forming, we’ve written a code of conduct and established some barebones internal moderation procedures

    If you are serious about this, my advice to you:

    • Get a legal advisor in your jurisdiction who can help you draw up a company constitution that describes how your cooperative works, your organisational structure and how profit sharing is structured, and register the company.
    • Consider how workers will be compensated before you have any revenue. Are you going to look for private funding? How will equity be split between investors and worker shares?
    • If you aren’t taking private funding, are you expecting members to work for free up until you start to turn a profit?

    If you are still going to look for collaborators before registering the company with a written constitution, make it clear whether those collaborators will have equal rights as co-founders along with you and your existing members. Any ambiguity here is likely to cause serious problems down the road which could completely tank the effort (i.e. lawsuits). This is why I would advise you to start with a registered company constitution right off the bat.

    If you’re more inclined to work as a loose anarchist collective without a formally defined organisational structure, you need to lead with that. Don’t describe the project as aspiring to be a worker-owned coop. The best way to do this is to create an open source project and allow open contributions. However, if you want to keep your work closed and proprietary then you need to realize that as soon as you create something that has value, you will need to have an agreed way to share ownership of that value. This will require either a registered company or some kind of foundation.

  • Firefox is not pandering to advertisers. If anything, I feel they are compromising with them

    I don’t want to compromise with advertisers. I want to block them and not be tracked by them.

    So where is my choice as the user of the browser that is running on my machine and using my internet connection and tracking my data?

    But if it’s successful, it’ll rock for us.

    If you think this will make one iota of difference in advertiser behavior then you must have been born yesterday.

    • 218/250 were fully playable at good framerates (60+). He notes that the more popular a game is the more likely it is to work flawlessly.

    • Of the remaining 32 games that had problems, 12 of them defaulted to the iGPU on the CPU instead of using the Intel dGPU. He had to disable the iGPU in Device Manager to get them to use the dGPU. 11 of those 12 worked flawlessly after making this change.

    • 5 games crashed on launch (Avatar: FOP, Batman Arkham Knight, Sim City 4, Left 4 Dead 2, Saints Row 2)

    • 6 games ran but with graphical artifacts (Bioshock, Dirt Rally, Ghost of Tsushima, Starfield, GTA4, The Witcher 3)

    • 11 games ran but with poor performance (Starfield, Alan Wake 2, TLOU1, Hellblade 2, Dragon’s Dogma 2, Yakuza Like a Dragon, Metro: Last Light, +4 more not specified).

    • He also had problems running with multiple monitors.

    • Older games seem to mostly run fine, newer games seem to be the ones more likely to have problems.

  • drspod@lemmy.mltoAsk Electronicshow the heck does FM work,?
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    The FM tuner is a narrow band pass filter centered at the carrier frequency - it doesn’t try to track the modulation. The FM demodulator then uses a VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) with a phase detector in a feedback loop, so that the output of the VCO tracks the modulated input signal. The input to the VCO then represents the baseband (demodulated) signal.