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  • It’s not an industry, it’s a public service (I’m in France). Also they’re saving lives.
    If she walks away, that’s one fewer ob/gyn in a region where they have almost none left in the private sector (the last one in town retired this year). Women and children will quite literally die and she knows it.

    On the other hand that means she’s more valuable and surely she should negotiate her salary from a position of strength, right?

    But the set of people who become doctors and who negotiate with “would be too bad if something happened to women and children” is, as far as I know, empty.
    If any exist, I don’t think they’d last the twenty odd years of studying and training before they start making bank. Much simpler and faster to become a gangster.

  • Yeeep. We are on the same wavelength. I literally opened my argument with the same idea, last time we had the convo : she’s the one with the doctorates, plural. She should be the one telling them what she can and can’t handle. Feck, her head doctor is on the same page too. Unfortunately that sort of power seems to come with age and even at 40 she still doesn’t have that kind of attitude. One could attribute this to her gender, I suppose, but having seen my dad do exactly the same thing throughout his career until he reached near retirement age, and having seen all my dad’s colleagues do the same thing, hopefully you get the idea.

    There just isn’t enough time and too many patients for not enough doctors. Always. And most doctors want to help their patients, so they just don’t count the hours, until the work is done.

  • Unfortunately the doctors usually aren’t the ones managing the schedule. The admin / secretaries are.
    And good ones, that understand that a new patient with no file, that doesn’t speak the language, that has a history of complications with her previous pregnancies, etc is not gonna be a normal half hour consultation are extremely rare.
    Even kind ones that see that you are swamped day in day out just seem to assume that these are teething difficulties, adapting to the position, etc (even after almost two years).

    And so that’s how my wife ends up doing a ten hour workday. Nonstop. With no break for lunch because hey, too bad, she finished the morning shift two hours late and now her first afternoon appointment has been waiting for half an hour…

    But of course if you tell patients there is no time for them because the few doctors that are here are already overworked…

    (to be clear, I’ve been saying the same thing as you to my wife for two years now. But apparently the message is not getting across)