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  • This leads toward my favorite thing about circuitpython: it shows up as a flash drive (unless you disable that feature, which you can also reenable without having to reflash the device). You write code in whatever editor you want, you drag and drop (or cp, rsync, etc.), and that’s it. No need to install integrations, or apps that automatically install ampy behind the scenes and automaticallyampy put for you. A usb drive makes all of that complexity unnecessary. Copy to a drive is almost the simplest interface imaginable, and also will work on every device (one of the selling points of the IDE shown in this article).

  • I’ve had N40L and N54L, still running one, and I would absolutely not suggest buying one. They’re too old and underpowered, and they’re honestly quite inconvenient to service. If you get one for free, then sure, but if you’re going to spend money, you can get something cheap, more powerful, and easier to work on, like a used optiplex.

    I was just thinking yesterday that I should replace my one remaining N40L instead of waiting for it to die.