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  • well aCkTwAlLy in ventriloquism you replace the bilabial plosives with an alveolar or velar approximant, curving a “d” or a “g” sound to sound like a “p”.

    I can get it kinda close using the root of my tongue on my soft palate, not that I’ve done any vent stuff in a long while.

    Does Death have a tongue, though?

  • Yes, it’s actually to notify people who aren’t part of countries with membership to the WTO of the first available year of public declaration of distribution without restriction, however, putting “1997” on your website makes it look old so people put current year to make it look new.

    It’s only legally distinct in Aruba, Eritrea, Kiribati, Micronesia, North Korea etc… so it’s almost entirely useless.

    I meant it’s a red flag if someone can’t spin up the code and is making an intern change it by hand every year.