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  • I have no experience with setting up Windows after Linux. I’ve always done it the other way around.

    However, what version of Windows was it running before? If you haven’t switched the components yet, you can use Windows to make a Windows boot flash drive or DVD officially using the “Windows Media creation Tool.” It’s a free download from an official Microsoft page. I don’t think you needed to buy Windows 11 at all. Both windows 10 and 11 will recognize that your hardware (motherboard mostly, I believe) is registered with a license, and it will simply activate your Windows online, no hassle. It’s like the one thing Microsoft got right.

  • You’ve heard of the bird flu outbreak in cattle in the US that infected (at least) three humans, right? We are animals, and many animals can potentially give us diseases regardless of their domestication status.

    If you’re thinking specifically about rabies, there is a vaccine for raccoons.

  • I’m gonna add to this by saying phosphorus may be my favorite, but I think the most likely filter is just time, twice.

    Do you know how unlikely it is that earth has been habitable for so long? Do you know how long life was single-celled? One of the theories for how advanced (eukaryotic) cells formed was the combination of at least three different branches of life into the same cell! Archaea (cell wall), bacteria (mitochondria/chloroplasts), and viruses (nucleus). Do you know how unlikely that sounds? Do you know how long it would take for that to happen randomly? Most planets probably aren’t even habitable for that long. Once we became eukaryotic, we started progressing much faster.

    Then, keep in mind, the life has to continue to exist for billions of more years while it waits for the advanced life to happen again within the same section of the galaxy. So, time is two filters - both behind us and in front of us.

  • My favorite filter is the amount of phosphorous in the universe. Earth has an unusually high amount, and it’s vital for life. I like this one, because as more stars die, the amount of phosphorous goes up, implying we won’t be alone forever.

    Anyway, look up “Issac Arthur” on YouTube for HOURS of content about the Fermi paradox and potential great filters.