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  • Hardware specs would be more useful than the model.

    As a general rule, install ‘tlp’, and ‘powertop’. TLP will usually make a decent impact with the defaults detected for your specific hardware, but you can go further by tailoring the config for your specific hardware as well. Powertop is normally better for laptop power measurement on battery, but the tunables section will show you good and bad settings that are currently enabled, which you can easily toggle on and off. It’s just an easy interface for new users to be able to dig into detailed power tunables without really harming anything.

  • I don’t mean this in a conspiratorial way, but I would not be surprised if this kid was a huge Trump fan. What better way to pump up the MAGA crowd than more bullshit to make it seem like some shadowy force was trying to stop him.

    Right now the FBI has all of his friends and family in custody for interviews, the NSA is pulling all the comms info they have on him, his phone company is pulling what they have to provide…his entire life is going to get taken apart in very short order. What we actually get to see of that data probably is very little. I really hope what we need to see is disseminated quickly to not make the situation more murky.