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  • Apart from replicating the pixel experience on devices not sold by Google, it was a ROM that enabled people to upload unlimited images/video in any resolution to google photos cloud storage (as it could disguise itself as OG Google Pixel).

    I don’t know if it worked well and how google didn’t stop it, but it was one of the highlight of this project.

  • Hiding read posts means they’re now lost (when you’re logged in) if you didn’t save the link somewhere. Can’t find it after a day and now you have to check it on incognito.

    But if you don’t hide posts you’ve already read, you end up with the same posts on your feed.

    it’s a very small nitpick though. having new posts load every time I visit lets me see a lot of new content, I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

    I hope some app devs can put up a section for “read posts” locally so instances aren’t overwhelmed.