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  • Because being kicked out of UN is neither some sort of punishment, nor will it prevent further shooting on UN convoys by them.

    All it does is removing a global peace communication channel to them.

    Like someone else said, stripping them of voting rights in UN could maybe send a bit of a signal.

    However, the UN is not some sort of beneficial or profitable club everyone wants to be part of. You’re losing nothing by leaving UN. It is a group that is trying to achieve peace and it’s not profitable. Being in UN means you will dedicate resources to UN goals and accept it’s obligations as well as decisions of the International Court of Justice. Especially the latter is important, in case there will be prosecution for crimes in the current situation.

  • They don’t want to kick nations from UN, because it’s also meant to be communication forum. If you kick nations out whenever they suck, you close that channel and make peace negotiations even more difficult, which is the exact opposite UNs goals are.

    It’s very unfortunate this also interferes with UNs efforts to help people in distress, but that part is just something UN does extra, not their main goal, because as one can see, the help doesn’t work well in an active warzone.

    I understand your frustration, but kicking nations from UN is the wrong lever to pull. Kicking them from other things would have a better effect.