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  • I guess it’s a little bit like religion and a true belief in a god.

    If you truly believe it, then you are in a circle of faith, so to speak, and it doesn’t matter what anybody says, that is true to you in your heart, and you will live that life.

    So I guess for these people, if that is how they really are, they truly believe that the system is completely broken, and probably illegal, and they are trying to set up a new one I presume?

    I know some people that are in this kind of world, but different.

    Same, same, very different I guess you could say. And they are completely disenfranchised with the current political system and the corruption within it.

    That leads you to look elsewhere, and I guess like a church, when people are down and they go looking for help, the church will bring you in and the indoctrination begins.

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    That is interesting. I’ve always associated Basmati rice with India, yet the term “rice” when used with computers, came from “rice bois” in the car world many, many years ago.

    These were traditionally young Japanese men, who did up their cars to look amazingly fancy, but underneath they weren’t capable at all.

    So they were all show and no go so to speak.

    I guess just recently in the politically correct world, that I saw born here on Lemny in real time, the term rice is not appropriate anymore, because it’s associated with racism.

    I hope that little history lesson helps you see the root of the term rice, and why it is intriguing to me, to see Basmati used here, as the term changes, and morphs through time.