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  • Good points!

    The timing is quite important. Other things to consider are tax periods, bonuses, and nature of the markets. That can all be racked up as cost of doing business if the long-term benefits outweigh the long-term costs.

    Especially if they are having a bad year or quarter, performing layoffs can show promise of a better next quarter since severance is basically a fixed cost to the number of employees you have.

    There isn’t necessarily one size fits all but the bottom line is dropping employees saves money as human resources are always one of the largest costs of operating.

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    Same experience with my printer! Gave me some motivation to finish off some of the projects I’ve disregarded since there’s some new shiny light to it. The printer has been going non-stop (while it’s not needing to be maintained) and I’ve made enclosures, costumes, frames, and molds that got me back into programming, crafting, painting, and masonry. Glad to have such split attention sometimes, lol.

  • You joke but my old FJ Cruiser requires you to turn the key to accessory, turn it off, turn the key back to accessory, open and close the door three times, turn the key back off, turn the key to accessory while holding the odometer reset button for 5 seconds and then it will enter pairing mode for the remote fob.

    It made me feel the same joy as pressing the option on my Android phone 5 times to enter development mode back in the mid 2010s but it gets old quick.