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  • This reminds me of when I was young and could still revel how unhealthy my lifestyle was.

    20 years later me and literally all my stoner engineering friends try to move, stretch, eat and fuck as healthy as possible.

    Taking things for granted is the greatest luxury possible. Enjoy it because it won’t last.

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    What is your threatmodel here?

    The problem for me with completely self hosting it is that it’ll be relatively hard to get my backup, availability and sync requirements satisfied without a lot of effort.

    Whereas I trust encryption in theory enough to hand my encrypted data to anyone. If the implementation is properly audited then I also trust that.

    Most of my passwords are for accounts with 2fa anyway so even if both the storage leak and the encryption turn out to be subpar my threatmodel is still not violated.

  • Ok, even though I know this will make no difference to ‘you people’ (sorry just cannot help myself xD).

    In this case I choose to use this specific word because it’s so obviously a dogwhistle for right wing extremists that in the context of this meme I think it’s funny, since my actual stance is neither authoritarian or rightwing.

    I don’t seriously mean to perpetuate negative stereotypes with regards to people with mental handicaps.

    Just as a curiosity, are you by any chance from the US? I just cannot imagine anyone from Europe making such a big deal about a joke like this, let alone use the term ableist.

    I guess my brain has just rotted as a result of a few decades of being on the internet. Inside i’m still an edgy teen apparently. No actual offense meant :)