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  • How are you suggesting Anarchism be implemented? By voting for it?

    No. Voting is a tool in the societal “first aid kit”. It’s used to try to limit the harm that the Right would joyously continue to cause and staunch the bleeding. There are many other tools in the toolbox that must be used. Protest, direct action, community building, etc.

    Non-corporate cultural, civil, and agricultural infrastructure (monopolization is particularly heavy in US agriculture, thanks to Bork and his defanging of anti-trust enforcement) needs to be developed in order to support the population during transition. This requires cultivating strong, cooperative community renderIt doesn’t feel as great as thinking that we could be there in a day or a week or a year but, a lasting, stable society free of the chains of unjust hierarchy requires a sound foundation.

    Even if you could, you would have had to build up the power required to sieze the state regardless, Capitalists aren’t going to willingly end Capitalism.

    Absolutely. There’s no way that the power addicts at the top are going to let go willingly. But, without popular support or the ability to provide for societal needs, any revolution is likely to result in installation of a despot and massive amounts of preventable starvation, illness, and death, not to mention societal trauma.

    Capitalism has been around for a long time. Moving on to the next thing is going to take time too. Especially, when taking into account the massive efforts sunk into resisting this change by Capital, which have set us back significantly.

    I don’t see how Anarchism is possible without revolution.

    Revolutionaries NEED practitioners of non-violence, non-revolutionary workers, and other non-combatants as much as the opposite is true. Without the “heart” of the latter, “revolution” is nothing but a self-serving exercise in forcing one’s ideology on the populace, nearly always resulting in atrocities and despotism. When the revolution is over, what then? Without accounting for societal needs, there’s danger of power vacuums drawing worse actors. For successful positive societal change, you need builders.

    And non-violence alone is not likely sufficient as it is too easily ignored and suppressed, unless it is clear and plausible that violence is the alternative. Just look at Dr. King and Malcom X.

    So, to answer your primary question of “how do I suggest achieving Anarchism”, through multiple avenues. For some, revolution might be their contribution, for others, like myself, it’s education and cultivating community of shared values such as kindness, inclusion, respect, and mutual aid. Getting to a fair and just society will take all kinds.

  • Greetings Helldiver,

    Thank you for raising this concern. Please do not worry about being considered Undemocratic and forward this to your Democracy Officer’s superior so that they may see to appropriate corrective action. This may include but is not limited to: an extended stay at Freedom Camp™, discounted implantation of a PavlovCo BellRinger™ neurostimulator, and/or mandatory participation in Bring Your Democracy Officer to Work Day, where they will have the privilege of fighting alongside the gallant members of the Helldiver Corps!

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a serious and well-documented problem known to impact combat veterans, as well as those who are victims of or witnesses to violence for just over 200 years. The first case of PTSD on record being circa 1980.

    Unfortunately, despite all of the advances brought by Managed Democracy, Super Earth has not yet been able to find the key to preventing this condition. Rest assured that we have our top scientists working on a solution and have dispatched our best forensic genealogists to locate the descendents of its creators, the “American Psychological Association” for questioning. Our experts have informed us that they may hold membership in a secret society of mystics, using occult magicks, hexes, curses, and/or other Undemocratic methods to undermine the cause of Managed Democracy.

    In the meantime, the best therapy for PTSD that is covered under the Helldiver Corps contracts is a bit of R&R. The SEAF High Command in cooperation with the Ministry of Prosperity, and Jacuzzi Hydrotherapy and Slag Processing Inc. is happy to present you with the attached voucher, good for an all-expenses paid* shoreleave at the Bile Titan Gulch™ Health Spa on Erata Prime.

    ~* Some limitations may apply. By receiving this message you agree to release Jacuzzi Hydrotherapy and Slag Processing Incorporated (“The Company”) from all liability should you experience any physical, psychological, spiritual, paranormal, ecclesiastical, or other harm that you may experience when using any of The Company’s products, health spas, or slag processing facilities. Completion of Bile Titan Gulch™ Health Spa construction is currently scheduled for 2284.~

  • Does one have to be a revolutionary or iconoclast to be “legitimately” Left? (sorry for the paraphrase)

    Not just “no” but fuck no. Anyone suggesting otherwise does not have freedom and liberty for all in mind.

    However I find myself being disagreed with quite often, mostly for not advocating or cheering violence, “by any means possible” change, or revolutionary tactics. It would seem that I’m not viewed as authentically holding my view unless I advocate extreme, violent, or radical action to accomplish it.

    You’re encountering a mix of naive people, extremists, sock puppets, and the like there. I’m curious as to which contexts you see it in the most. Context is really important. Due example anyone supporting capitalism would be seen adversarily by an M-L communist and a lot of anarchists too.

    Those seem like two different things to me.

    Pick your battles. If you do not believe in violent revolution to overthrow capitalism but want an M-L to accept you, you’re going to have a bad time. I’d recommend trying to reduce seeking external validation and accept that those with wildly different world views might not see eye-to-eye with you on things, even if you’re both on the same side of center. You’ll be much happier.



    I think you may have a few misconceptions there :). I’m an anarchist and believe that the data shows resoundingly that capitalism and the hierarchical structures that it requires are the root cause of much of human suffering as well as pushing the Earth towards becoming uninhabitable to our species.

    Do I want to overthrow society? Fuck no. The amount of suffering and death that that would cause is literally beyond human capacity to comprehend. How many would starve or die of preventable disease? The ends do not justify the means.

    Do I want capitalism to continue to be the dominant economic system? Absolutely not. It fails to address inequity or the long-term survival of our species. It’s better than feudalism, yes, but, not by enough and out must evolve to meet the species needs, despite the wishes of billionaires.

    I treat anarchism as a long project. I know I’ll never see it in my life and that’s ok as long as I put future generations in a place to carry on the baton. Things have been declining, in many ways, due to the Me Generation refusing to relinquish control. I hope that enough of my cohort are willing to put in the effort to fix some of the damage once they’re finally gone (those still holding on to power at this point won’t willingly hand it off to us until they have no choice).

  • Hah!

    Do you mean the politician lovers, us, or both? Lol in any case you may be right, I don’t get it either but I do see them around.

    I was thinking myself (and likely yourself). I am diagnosed ADHD and have a sibling diagnosed with autism, which means that I’m also most likely on the spectrum. My “not getting it” also seems in line with perceptions of social hierarchies that are common in autistic people. It’s also why I’m ideologically an anarchist - rigid social hierarchies are fundamentally contrary to a just society.

  • In fact you have better stuff to say about them than I would

    That’s partly from my near-pathological optimism that I developed as a coping strategy for untreated ADHD and depression. I involuntarily see a silver lining in most things.

    Some people clearly love politicians.

    … Yeah. That’s a weird one to me. I suspect it is a neurodivergent thing but it’s up there with celebrity worship and other parasocial relationships. I can rationalize my way through it but I don’t “get it”.