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  • Of the five groups, two stand out for their prominent histories of supporting liberal causes—the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Omidyar Network Foundation.

    According to the tax statement, the Omidyar Network has contributed a total of $400,000 to American Compass since 2020. (In reality, Omidyar has donated $500,000, including forthcoming installments.) The Hewlett Foundation—a longtime supporter of National Public Radio—has accounted for more than one-third of American Compass’ total public support, giving a combined $1,486,000 over the same period, with an extra $475,000 dose this January.

    That’s more than Hewlett gave to NPR or the Planned Parenthood Federation of America in the same timeframe.

  • Moderator Kristen Welker of NBC News asked the five presidential hopefuls how they see their party’s path forward on the issue of abortion, given that they keep losing elections over their attacks on women’s reproductive rights. Most doubled down on their opposition to abortion, and then made nonsensical claims about Democrats advocating for no restrictions on abortion in any scenario.

    The moderators did nothing to call them out for it, either.

    “Let’s just be clear,” said Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. “The Democrats have taken a position they will not identify the point at which there should be any protection, all the way up until birth. That is wrong and we cannot stand for that.”

    “I am 100% pro-life … I would certainly, as president of the United States, have a 15-week national limit,” said Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.). “I would not allow California, Illinois or New York to have abortion up until the day of birth.”

    Scott went on to say he thinks “it’s unethical and immoral to allow for abortions up until the day of birth,” which, to be clear, is not something that anybody is calling for, anywhere.