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  • Oh noes i got hit by glass shards!

    So anyway…

    Yeah, its an attempt on his life. Whoever did this (apparently a conservative?) did wrong. Yes, Trump bad, trump devil himself, but you dont shoot political opponents, you dont want to become Mexico in that regard.

    Having said that…

    Trump didn’t wait for the band aid to patch over the scratches on his ear to claim he took a bullet for democracy. Not only is he the Devil, he is also a big fat loser who needs to aggrandize every single one of his stories to appear interesting, a typical trait for a narcissist, begging for more attention.

  • The NHS is bad by design. You can’t convert a great system to whatever the shit is in the US that makes. Avery select few people very rich. You first need to break it down by pulling money out of it, pull more money out of it, more still, then when it starts breaking down, complain about how badly it works and propose this wonderful new system that will fix all of that! Privatize everything and then move to whatever shit they have in the US and get rich

  • I wonder how you would block bruteforcing the encrypted storage. Once someone got their hands on your device for long enough to clone, you’re done and you get into the “how much is the data worth to you” territory.

    And it better be worth a lot because bruteforcing LUKS? Good luck. I wonder if even the NSA would be capable of that.

    There are issues with booting from unencrypted storage but that isn’t really a LUKS issue, though.

    TPM has shown to be quite vulnerable as well, with for example the usually hardware flaws where, IIRC, TPM would sent the security certificates in plan text over data lines somewhere.

    Either way, I don’t see my of these items as something great that LUKS doesn’t have.