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  • Yes the fuck you are, you vile, disgusting rape apologist. You and your ilk have:

    • Told us that rape is more recoverable than murder, therefore it’s not as bad
    • Insisted society has an obligation to feed people and therefore a known sexual predator has rights that supercede the rights of his victims or potential victims that would be violated if the company fired them to protect the rest of the workplace
    • That a company would have no liability to protect its women workers and that, in fact, the woman would create a hostile work environment for the rapist by complaining about it
    • That women should just shut up and get over it, and suffer the presence of a rapist.

    These are positions your little cult have argued, hiding behind flowery language and Motte-and-bailey arguments, and you will NOT escape responsibility for your words.

    You are a rape apologist. Period.

  • Well, when did anyone say they were ostracizing a rapist? You want to talk about logical fallacies, you best look at yourself and your compatriots here.

    Firing them from a job like that, where they have to work closely with women and have the opportunity to reoffend, isn’t ostracization the way you’re flagrantly exaggerating it to be. It’s called common sense.

    The other employees have every right to fear being raped because there is a known sexual predator in the workplace. It’s a specific and credible fear that not only is grossly immoral if the company doesn’t act, it also will put them in a position of extreme liability. That scumfuck should never have gotten past the background check in the first place.

    And you don’t care about that because all you care about is yourself. Because like the other apologists here, you’re thinking from a perspective of “But what if I get caught?” and that means you believe you or someone you know will rape someone someday – and you’ll keep them in your life anyway, because you don’t care about justice or morality, you only care about shielding your friends from consequences.