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  • pop@lemmy.mltoLinux@lemmy.mlFirefox enables user tracking
    2 days ago

    yea. but they get to claim like they fund the opensource world. like come on… stop posting fake funding claims on an anonymous forum and hire yourself a developer team if you’re so invested in this.

    But whaa… developers salary aren’t funded by your $2 dollar donations, even with 100s of donations. oh geez… who woulda thought.

  • I mean I would at least pay more than they currently make by serving me ads based on all the bullshit.

    It never fails to amaze me how purposefully dense people can be. There are literal thousands of more users who will use the app for free and ignore the minor inconvenience of ads by simply ignoring it or using an adblock. Believe it or not, the universe doesn’t revolve around your personal needs. That 1 cent from a user becomes thousand with thousand users and grows thousand more if it’s actually good. But you know all the ins and out of app dev since you mention lunar program approach. 🤦‍♂️

    Or better yet, how about you develop software that doesn’t just take up whateber is currentlt available RAM and power???

    I mean I would at least pay a one time fee of $3.50 and expect lifetime of updates. It’s more than some currently make by serving me ads based on all the bullshit.

    I agree that there are tons of shitty apps but this holier than thou attitude without any experience of their own as app developers is fucking insane. Be the change you want to see, instead of being angry at other people, all the time.