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  • but Hitler is gone, and fascism is surging around the world, and has been steadily gaining since WW2.

    also Hitler and TFG are not in the same situation. one brought about Nazism, the other didn’t. the republican party was fascist before him, and will be after him.

    he didn’t make them fascists, he just emboldened them to be more brazen and direct about it because he proved there are no safeguards or real consequences to literally be against democracy in the US. him dying won’t change that. once the door is unlocked, destroying the key won’t lock it back.

  • this is speculation but

    disillusioned youth, no prospects, small hope in progressive cause (probably Bernie), gets screwed by the party, gets further disillusioned, sees TFG, thinks it’s good to have an outsider to show these establishment politicians what’s what, registers republican, gets easily reeled in to the far right pipeline, becomes interested in Q stuff, gets obsessed with pedophilia and Epstein, sees recent Epstein revelations about TFG, ends up where too many people end up in the US: full of anger and hate with easy access to guns.

    could be far off, but i wouldn’t be surprised.

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    i felt like an adult around 30 too. suddenly it hit me like, “wait a second, I’m fucking 30, i don’t have to put up with this bullshit”. it was the best realization ever. that’s the first time i felt i stopped being a teenager. no more stressing about other people’s opinions, no more drama, no more bullshit.

    30 isn’t old; it’s just when you roughly find yourself. and that’s great.