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  • Agreed, that is a good compromise IMO. I know people will still disagree and say “the statements they made with full control are biased” but whatever, can’t please everyone. I think those types of people don’t want any corporation to be involved in anything in the whole world and they have extremely unrealistic expectations of people and how one should live.

  • I don’t think the majority of people would agree with your stance on this.

    the merest hint of a bias kind of invalidates any advice they give

    One could make the argument that the entire point of all of these privacy guides and recommendations… is bias.

    Also I bet many of the more mainstream users want to know about partners like proton and synology… and I think putting that at the very end of a video is quite a fair way to do that and already goes way above and beyond what everyone else is doing. Basically I think you’re being extremely unreasonable.