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  • It’s a smear campaign when compared to Trump’s behavior. On one hand, we have an old guy with a stutter who (at the very least) is still wise enough to surround himself with competent people. He may forget some things, but if you examine his record these past four years, he has wildly exceeded my very low expectations and demonstrated why he managed to make it to the Presidency.

    On the other hand, you have another old guy who cannot open his mouth without telling bald-faced lies and whose mental state is rapidly deteriorating. Not to mention the crimes he’s committed. And yet, despite all this, the media is talking about how Biden is old and needs to drop out of the race, and not Trump.

    Now, why do you think that is?

  • Super famous singer “offers” to be featured on your track

    “Sure! I had my lawyer write up a contract; let me send it to your people and we can go from there.”

    If they’re cool, they’ll negotiate and sign a contract. “Just trust me, bro!” is never an acceptable answer. Protect yourself; have a contract before collaborating with anyone.

  • The more I read about it, the more it reeks of a baseless smear campaign. CNN actively tried to make Biden look bad during the debate, and a huge chunk of the corporate media saw it and jumped on it.

    It helped when Biden turned right around and had a strong showing at one of his campaign rallies. He had one off night, and everybody tried to make a mountain out of a molehill because they’re more concerned with making money than fighting the fascists.

  • instead of just playing the game as intended.

    I feel like you just unwittingly hit on the problem many series veterans have been having.

    People are approaching bosses in Elden Ring like they’re Dark Souls bosses, and in my thousands of hours across the series, the only bosses I summon help for is Sister Friede and the Demon Twins. Everyone else I was eventually able to defeat on my own, because that’s how they were balanced.

    But in Elden Ring, you have the open world to grind in and Spirit Ashes and crazy weapon arts that are far beyond any that were in Dark Souls 3, and the bosses are balanced around these things. It’s harder to make a good guess at how powerful a player is at any given time in Elden Ring, so in order to counter the player’s bullshit, the bosses need bullshit of their own.

    This, naturally, throws a wrench into the plans of veterans who are used to bosses that are tough but fair and approaching them in that manner. They then promptly get their shit pushed in because they aren’t using the things the encounters are balanced around having simply because they didn’t used to need them.

    It makes the bosses binary. Either you get your ass kicked, or you summon help, use a Mimic Tear, and run a train on them. They’re either frustrating or boring, and fights that are frustrating or boring just aren’t fun. I’m not having fun getting comboed to death or just pelting the boss with spells while my goons beat them up.

    The magic is gone. Bosses used to be the highlight of Souls games, and now I just want them to be over.

  • Mages are really nerfed despite the story saying they’re super powerful and dangerous.

    This is kinda selling mages in the setting short.

    Magic in this setting is basically the same as it is in Warhammer 40k: mages get their power from an alternate dream dimension that is also where demons reside, they can spontaneously explode and/or summon demons if they’re not careful, and they’re heavily regulated/repressed. Rogue mages are hunted down and killed by Templars, and everyone else is mostly confined to wizard towers that double as prison camps.

    It never comes across in gameplay, but mages and how they’re treated are major plot points in all three games.