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  • I hate it when one person tries to dominate the tech forum that I peruse. Every time, I think to myself, “you realize this stops being interesting when you reply to every single comment, right?” But I know they don’t have that level of self-awareness so I keep it to myself.

  • It’s also a great path to getting people to do what you want. I was already an atheist when my father and I had a philosophical discussion regarding religion when I was an adolescent. He brought up this point early in the discussion. I only need to look around at all the bullshit laws getting passed that religious zealots vote for against their own interest to confirm that this is true.

    The Southern Baptist Church just had their annual conference and decided that their position on Invitro Fertilization is against the procedure. How does that help anyone? It doesn’t.

  • Must be able to speak English

    Ah, fuck, I’m out. It’s one of the only languages I haven’t learned. Were this a post seeking Sanskrit, Mayan, Akkadian, or High Valyrian language speakers, I’d be just the right candidate.

    Pop quiz: which of the above is not a historical language? If you guessed Klingon, your reading comprehension skills are for shit. The answer is English. It’s completely made up and only appears in Fantasy genre stories – along with birds and flying spaghetti monsters and hobbits.

    Wow, I’m really bored at work, I guess. Glad it’s Friday. Hope you all have a nice weekend.