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  • Humans psyche is a meaning inference recursive engine, semiotically I mean, following Charles Sanders Peirce’s Theory of Signs, it generates meaning and thus needs a story to explain it, or simply to tell itself.

    The story doesn’t need to hold sound logic or any objectivity true to reality, it only needs to convey the meaning that it generated so that the mind can believe it more than questioning its validity.

    Long story short, humans really likes being told and believing stories, and often they are the ones telling the story right to themselves.

  • A girl I’ve dated for a while worked as photographer for live events reportage, clocking even thousand shots for event and saving at least a hundred of them for the job, and she told me rather often she was being later contacted by the client, or someone of his entourage, or even some other person from the public, months past the event and asking if she could send them e.g. “that picture where I’m standing with that friend of mine wearing a white shirt…”, and all that of course without even being able to tell her the actual date of the event.

  • I don’t know.

    I’m perplexed honestly.

    I live in italy and here too government took a steep turn to the right since last elections.

    It is like the most roborantly bamboozling idiocy someone from a stage can scream the more he gets applauded as the folks’ hero for speaking their unsung voices.

    On the other hand if you try to build an organic and critical dialogue you only get yawned away as utterly boring.

    I don’t think it is the ones screaming from their stages being the morons, well not the most moron at least, but instead they are those who give their precious votes, hard conquered from their ancestors who gift them with a life in a democracy, to these unambiguously unmistakable frauds, and who hide in the self-obliviousness of the guilty conscience for the vote they have cast their incapability of admitting their own deep existential self-inadequacy.