ADHD here. Remembering things is a lost cause for me.

Instead, I lay physical “traps” for myself. Things in physical space that hinder my autopilot, snap me out of the trance, and give me a chance to reorient my focus into something more productive.

It’s not foolproof. Far from it. But it does help a lot.


Just thought of another one I do: I have a phone casing that lets me keep cards in them. One of my credit cards go there, of course.

But the more important thing in there is my apartment access card. If I ever forget to bring my phone, I will only get as far as the security door outside before I realise I have to turn back.

  • testingtesting123
    1 year ago

    I do the same, and once I have the luggage, and backpack or whatever I count the number of “things” (2 luggage +backpack, three is it’s also a bottle and so on) to take around, and repeat the count everything I move through the trip…