• @psilocybin
    10 months ago

    Dude, take a break!

    I mean I completely disagree with you, but this thread can’t be healthy for you. What purpose is it serving to get enraged here?

    I’d say take a breather and if you dare: ask yourself how reliable your impression of China really is, maybe research some older claims that have been proven to be misrepresented or false, like this for example. Not saying you have to become a fan, but there seems to be a propaganda effort to prepare the public for a economic/military war with China. So more people need to be sceptical.

    You seem to haven’t accepted it yet, but the capitalist class, through the means of communication they control, construct most impressions you have of foreign countries (without them being able to interject) and facts are negligable as they have been in the news-medias support of every US war effort in history as well.

    I got a little carried away, but I meant it in good faith, you decided to wear a badge of socialism after all.

    What you do is obviously up to you!

    • Frank [he/him, he/him]
      1710 months ago

      Our secret is that we get a 20$ kickback from a cardiologist in Fresno every time one of these people pops. It’s not honest, not is it much, and yet we soldier on.