I am looking for a nice ebook reader app for android but it’s proving to be quite difficult. Every app I stumble open misses at least a few things I want. So here is a list of things I want:

-Material You UI

-Custom themes

-Font selection

-Dictionary or translator integration

-Page view (NO scrolling through the book)

A few things that could be nice but not necessary:

-I use Foliate on desktop so a way to sync with that

-Make white parts of the black and white pictures same color as the backgroud.

I think that’s all. I searched a lot but to no avail. Hopefully this community helps me and others. Thank you guys in advance.

  • Wistful
    15 months ago

    Bit off-topic…Librera is decent but I hate that I can’t use custom background without changing the opacity. It seems like it doesn’t have the ability to use a background but it rather puts the image on top of the text and then lowers the opacity of the custom image, which doesn’t look nice.