I guess most people know about the movie web app site, which pulls videos from various sources.

Recently they added a request to download an extension to your browser, for optimal perfomance and better quality.

It is featured on the firefox android extensions site from Mozilla, it has a github page. What I read online is that it seems the extension wants access to everything you do in your browser, which seems kind of sketchy.

What do people here think about it? Anyone installed it and can say more?

Edit: thanks for all the comments, looks like less people knew about this than I thought.

    • RBGOP
      4 months ago

      I was not aware if I am allowed to post a direct link, so apologies for that but there was a previous post of mine where I asked about help with subtitles for a series, someone posted a link and my topic got closed/deleted by a mod. So that is why and I hope you posting the link does not cause that again. I should have included the github link though, that is true.

      Edit: I added links to the actual extensions.

      • Chewy
        64 months ago

        It’s less of a problem to link to solutions to a more general problem than specific shows/movies. Copyright holders are more likely to take action if they find their content directly mentioned and linked to.