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  • I noticed those language models don’t work well for articles with dense information and complex sentence structure. Sometimes they forget the most important point.

    They are useful as a TLDR but shouldn’t be taken as fact, at least not yet and for the foreseeable future.

    A bit off topic, but I’ve read a comment in another community where someone asked chatgpt something and confidently posted the answer. Problem: the answer is wrong. That’s why it’s so important to mark AI LLM generated texts (which the TLDR bots do).

  • Yes, they’re using several abbreviations, without explaining them properly, which isn’t ideal. It’s likely to keep the article short, which comes at the expense of people unfamiliar with the topic)l/organizations.

    Another news site I regularly visit has a small information button besides abbreviations with a popup to explain a term, which also links to Wikipedia. This makes understanding articles about unfamiliar topics way easier.

  • desec.io can be used with any domain registrar and has an API with support for various ddns clients (ddclient, lego).

    deSEC is a free DNS hosting service, designed with security in mind.

    Running on open-source software and supported by SSE, deSEC is free for everyone to use.

    Edit: To clarify, desec.io does not sell/rent domains. Desec has to be set as the authoritative nameserver on the registrar, then desec can manage domain records instead of the registrar (which usually also provides their own domain hosting for “free” by default).

  • ChewytoLinux@lemmy.mlGood mouse with good linux support
    9 days ago

    Using wev (wayland event viewer, which shows pressed keys) the side buttons show up as extra mouse buttons, so it should be possible to remap them.

    button: 272 (left)
    button: 273 (right)
    button: 274 (middle)
    button: 275 (side) <- side button
    button: 276 (extra)  <- side button

    PS: My old Logitech G710+ keyboard has some extra buttons which show up as normal numbers, which makes them pretty much useless. A while ago I found the now abandoned sidewinderd project which adds support for them. It’s sad that those manufacturers don’t create proper standards for these kind of things and instead hack it together somehow.

  • I’ve switched my mum over to Evolution a few years ago, because it does some things better (message list can be configured to be less dense, which has been solved with Thunderbirds redesign). It’s a great email email, but has it’s own quirks because of how much it does, just like Thunderbird. Since I’ve used the latter for longer, I’ve no reason to switch.