As the previous post of this type was quite successful here, I would like to continue.

Let’s discuss the Metal Gear series. What is your favorite entry? What are your most beloved moments, characters, boss fights? Do you have any fun strategies you’d like to share? Are there things you absolutely don’t like? Please feel free to share any thoughts you have on Metal Gear or react to other comments. Let’s get the conversation going!

If you have any recommendations for games or series for the next post(s), please feel free to DM me or add it in a comment here (no guarantees of course).

  • Rolivers
    23 months ago

    Idk. Death Stranding was absurd even by Kojimas standards…

      3 months ago

      Yet somehow less absurd than the Colonel in MGS2 trying to stop Raiden from reaching the final boss by talking to the player and telling them to put down the controller and go outside to enjoy nature. :D

      He’s always gonna be weird, but he used to be more fun about it.

      I think he’s moved away from absurdism, and more towards surrealism: less existential and more fantastical or dream-like: Amelie and BTs and BBs, versus FOXHOUND or the Sons of Liberty.