Do you guys have any suggestions for a 1gig ethernet modem that openwrt or ddwrt supports? Edit: Apparently the device that im looking for is called an access point not a modem

  • @i_am_not_a_robot
    13 months ago

    Supporting PPP does not make something a modem. It’s a hardware capability that the device does not have.

    • cbAnon0
      23 months ago

      I can see where you’re coming from, and agree, but ISPs in Australia providing services on the National Broadband Network NBN will almost always describe this as a modem router.

      It’s not uncommon, right or wrong, even Verisign USA describe a modem vs router thus: “The modem is responsible for sending and receiving signals from the ISP, while the router disperses the signal to devices on the network”

      So, this doesn’t exclusively modulate and demodulate (mo-dem) an analog to digital signal in this case, and 100% it doesn’t have the physical hardware to do so, but it is nonetheless required to negotiate (‘modulate’?) the internet connection with an ISP, albeit software-defined through digital PPP Ethernet protocols.

      All this is a bit off topic, but I hope the OP (or others) may better define the internet service needed, and may determine if this device may be suitable for their requirements.

      I’m glad it includes openwrt support for later down the track. It’s one of the few AX devices with such support and I chose it specifically for this reason!