• @eagertolearn
    13 months ago

    Do you have any suggestions for reputable security related websites?

      • @andreas@lemmy.korfmann.xyz
        23 months ago

        few days late here, but that pastebin had some really good feeds 🙏 I noticed the OPML file was labeled FreshRSS and I also use FreshRSS. So I fixed up the feeds and configured FreshRSS to scrape the full articles (when possible) and bypass ads, tracking and paywalls.

        I figured I’d pay it forward by sharing my revised OPML file.

        I also included some of my other feeds that are related (if you or anyone else is interested).

        Some of the feeds are created from scratch since a few if these sites don’t offer RSS, so if the sites change their layout the configs may need to be adjusted a bit, but in my experience this rarely happens.

        I had to replace some of the urls with publicly hosted versions of the front-ends I host locally and scrape, but feel free to change it up however you like.