• rikonium
    2 months ago

    What do you mean disingenuous, I have a anecdotal evidence sample size 400% larger! Clearly it’s superior! (kidding)

    Of course, the anecdata clearly isn’t useful here but it’s easy to bust out and point to as a counter - we’re not seeing remotely near the amount of bellyaching for Honda 3.5’s, Ford 1.0’s, etc. The 300k Accent is probably a pre-10’s model.

    If you pop on over to kia-forums, hyundai-forums, piloteers, whatever forums and CarComplaints you’ll see a trend. The '16 Sorento has the same sizable number of engine complaints as the '16 CR-V - except the CR-V is for some vibration at idle while the Sorento is outright failure. And the '16 RAV4 outsold both and has a small fraction of complaints.

    Of course people get lucky like some 235k mile '11 or '12 Sonata on hyundai-forums but I’m trying to paint the picture of a pair of companies that have repeatedly made poor, owner-unfriendly engineering decisions to save a buck are not a company people should reward with their business.

    People should not be giving them any benefit of doubt to them nor pointing to someone doing worse as an excuse. (People - me included until a couple years ago - have been saying “they were not good before but they’re fine NOW!” for practically 15 years.)

    It’s not that they don’t make the best vehicles, my claim is that they are below par.

    Yes, American makes can have lower lows but it varies. Sometimes a bad engine here, a quirk there but taking the similar age GMC Acadia (similar in size to the Sorento) - it doesn’t seem to have the flaws the Sorento does. You’ll see CarComplaints say transmission issues but that is a “shift-to-park” message caused by a defective switch - easier to remedy than say, an engine seizing, headgasket blowing or the car just being stolen and joyridden.

    TL;DR - They have a pervasive pattern of making poor engineering decisions that tops the Japanese and American makes. American makes aren’t that far behind but I don’t think I’ve seen such a widespread trend from them. EcoBoosts, even the sketchier ones aren’t dropping like flies. GM hasn’t gone in on the dual-clutch trend.

    They have plenty of flashes of brilliance but it sucks when they have only recently demonstrated a willingness or capability to build an EV reduction gearbox that doesn’t foul it’s oil immediately. And having to learn to not under-size ABS wiring (fire).