Online access to home addresses is a cherished right. But as gangs target rivals with ease, innocent victims are caught in the blasts

  • RBG
    33 months ago

    I am sorry for cursing but what the shit? The availability of people’s addresses online has led to these bombings? Is this an AI-written article?

    The obvious issue at hand isn’t that you can lookup someones address online, its that you can go there and fucking bomb the place somehow. The issue is that people get hold of explosives real fucking easy somehow instead of knifing or shooting people (well they do that too but its the explosives that are fucked up). What the fuck does it matter to know that a dude you want dead is living in the first or second story of a house when you just plant a fucking bomb. Finding out addresses is laborious, yeah right, just follow people home as if not publishing those addresses would prevent 90% of those killings.

    Unbelievable. Anything to not have to talk about the real issues.

    3 months ago

    Firstly this seems pretty stupid and risky.

    Second you should 100% be able to opt out without current threats against you.

    Given how hard victims of stalkers have to fight to get action taken by authorities this seems like it would be so easy to abuse.