• @FryboyterOP
      122 months ago

      TIL SDDM hasn’t gotten to 1.0 yet.

      Many projects also deliberately avoid publishing a version 1.0. For example, the static website generator Hugo continued with 0.100.0 after version 0.99.1. The current version is 0.123.3.

      This is mostly due to the fact that some users have the wrong expectations. For example, that version 1.0 is as good as error-free and fully developed.

      How long has it been the de facto default greeter for KDE Plasma?

      Since Plasma 5 if I’m not mistaken. Before that, KDM was the standard.

      • @leopold@lemmy.kde.social
        12 months ago

        Yes. KDM was dropped during the switch to Plasma 5 because it was very poorly maintained and no one wanted to work on it. Meanwhile, SDDM already used Qt5 and seemed very promising.